In this post we will take you through the steps required to adjust the throttle needle clip on your Vortex Mini Rok Engine. For a full demonstration, check out the video below or follow this link to our YouTube channel for more how-to's and demonstrations.

Parts required for the job are:

Philips head screwdriver
Pointy nose pliers
A set of allen keys

STEP 1 - Remove tension from the throttle cable.

STEP 2 - Remove screws with the philips head screwdriver.

STEP 3 - Remove slide and throttle cable assembly.

STEP 4 - Remove the throttle cable from the slide.

STEP 5 - Using your pointy nose pliers, remove the c-clip from the needle and reposition as required. Position 1 will be lean and position 4 will be rich.

STEP 6 - Place the adjusted needle back into slide.

STEP 7 - Install throttle cable through the large hole and slide it across into the small hole to lock in place.

STEP 8 - Holding the needle, insert the white spring cap into the throttle slide and re-install assembly into the carburettor, paying attention to throttle slide orientation and black carburettor cap orientation.

STEP 9 - Tighten philips head screws and adjust throttle cable tension.

STEP 10 - Double check full throttle operation and the job is complete.

 For more information check out our website, www.powerrepublic.com.au or to purchase any of the parts used in this video, click here.


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  • DAmien

    Could you provide some information on changing clip position vs changing main jet. I understand changing jets to lean or richen mixture. Does changing the needle do the same and if I change the main jet should you also adjust needle?

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