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New to the world of Go Karts and racing? 

Being a beginner can be a little challenging sometimes, so we would like to invite you to join the Power Republic Team and allow us to make your introduction to the world of motorsport an easy and seamless process.

We will take you through all the things you need and need to know before entering the race track, so that you are fully prepared for your first day and we will provide support, guidance and training as you develop and move through the karting ranks.

Power Republic has a team of accomplished go kart drivers currently competing in all junior classes, who are happy to assist with mentoring and tips to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience as a new racer and quickly gain confidence. We can even partner you with one of our existing drivers at our local tracks to ensure that your induction to race days is smooth and worry free.

The following are some useful links for licensing and racing information:


*If you are based in NSW or plan on racing there follow the link below for information on Licensing:


QLD clubs:
NSW clubs:
VIC Clubs:
SA clubs:
WA clubs:
NT clubs:
TAS clubs:  

Our Local Clubs:

Ipswich Kart Club
Type: Bitumen
Length: 1080 meters
Density: 44
Direction: Clockwise

Lismore Kart Club
Track: Lismore Showground
Type: Bitumen

Length: 720m
Density: 26 karts
Direction: Clockwise

Karting News:


There are some great introduction videos that will allow you to gain a great insight into the world of karting here in Australia:

We also have a YouTube channel with a huge library of How-to
videos for you to watch here:

Driver Training:

We offer a broad range of driver training options to fine tune your karting and racing skills and ensure you have the perfect kart and engine set-up. For more information click here.