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The new racing season has commenced and there are some fantastic new and improved Tony Karts to bring to you in 2017.

The newest and arguably one of the most exciting developments to come from the Tony Kart Factory this year is the upgrade to the proven world champion Racer 401. 

Introducing the 2017 Racer 401S. Staying true to its trusted chassis design in 30mm diameter chrome moly, a whole host of new features have been added to this super lightweight model, including:

  • The BSD forged one-piece rear brake caliber. A clean sheet design, forged and manufactured to the OTK group's exacting standards. Incorporating new larger brake pads and brake pistons, for improved braking efficiency.
  • The chain guard support bracket has been re-designed as a one-piece unit for a more rigid set-up and ease of installation/removal of the chain guard.
  • The new magnesium sprocket carrier now incorporates a two-screw clamping system.
  • A new throttle cable adjustment screw has been installed to make those fine adjustments to the throttle cable easier and much more accessible.
  • The water pump support bracket is now incorporated into the chassis design to make the mounting of the remote water pump more secure and accessible.
  • The seat supports have been redesigned to alter the rigidity of this critical part of the chassis to the OTK technicians and R&D teams exacting specifications.
  • The rear centre bearing is forged magnesium in a new shape to accommodate the lower mounting of some exhaust systems and avoid contact between those components.
  • The front crash bar mounts have been redesigned to a more race lightweight version than its predecessor.
  • A new and improved floor plate, a major contribution to the weight-saving programme.

The Racer 401S is available for AUD$5,600 + Delivery.

We are currently taking pre-orders for the next shipment due in March 2017. Contact us now to reserve yours.

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