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Want to remove your go kart axles with ease? Introducing the Power Republic Axle Removing Tool.  This is an essential item for any karters tool box and takes all of the hassle out of removing and changing axles on the go.

Hand built at the Power Republic factory! Made from solid aluminium this is the ultimate axle removing tool which will make ease of removal for 30, 40 and 50mm OTK axles! 

The axle basher is super easy to use and is designed to slide through the bearings making it easier to remove axles without causing any damage to the axle ends.  Another super handy function of the Axle Removing Tool is the ability to hold the brake disc in place, making it a one man job to change your axles and helps keep everything in line when replacing with a new axle.

If you would like to see the Axle Removing Tool in action, check out…..

HOW TO: Change Your Go Kart Axle The Easy Way

Another fantastic karting product selling hot this karting season! Get your Power Republic Axle Removing Tool today and change your axles like a boss!


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