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Custom tune your front end setup down to the last detail  with the new Castor Kits from our friends at Kartshop.com!

Effortless Tune-ability

Who doesn’t want to simplify the tune-ability of go karting?

The Castor kit is specially designed for all OTK chassis and comes in both 8mm and 10mm options.  The 12 asymmetric bushes also have double the holes of the standard OTK eccentric bushes, making it easier to make finer adjustment in your front end. 

With the endless amounts of tuning options on OTK chassis, this Castor Kit will give you the absolute best opportunity to get the maximum potential from your kart setup. 

Used by various amounts of international teams the Castor kits are a must have if your looking for that extra edge against your competitors and generally want to simplify your kart tuning.  

Each Castor Kit contains the following:

12 asymmetric bushes including;

  • Centered bush - No Castor 
  • 1 dot - Minimum Castor
  • 2 dots - Less Castor 
  • 3 dots - Standard Castor 
  • 4 dots - More Castor 
  • 5 dots - Max Castor 
  • 2 magnetic covers 

By placing the special magnetic covers over the castor adjuster it allows you to keep your settings under cover and a secret from the competition.

Another fantastic karting product selling hot this karting season! Get your Castor Kit today



Visit https://kartshop.com/shop/frontpage.html 

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