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In a recent YouTube video, we took you through the steps to fitting your own go kart seat. There are many ways to fit a seat to a go kart, however, after years of putting each method to the test, we have found this procedure to be the easiest and most efficient, leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on your race preparation. Below we take you through the steps in a little more detail:

Tools Required for this process are:

  • Battery drill
  • Tape measure
  • Bullet point marker pen (e.g Sharpie)
  • 2 x 5mm Allen keys (1 T-Bar and 1 standard)
  • 2 X 13mm Ring spanners
  • Pointy nose pliers
  • Countersunk M8 bolts (various lengths)
  • Countersunk washers
  • Spacers
  • Wedge washers 


  1. Place your go kart on it's trolley and place 2 steel pipes (or something similar) underneath either side of the kart to lift the chassis off the trolley slightly.
  2. Place the seat into the appropriate spot on your go kart and use a heavy item to hold seat base flat and parallel with chassis rails (battery or otherwise).
  3. Measure 550mm from the inside of the front chassis rail to the front of the seat leg support, adjust the seat, if necessary, to reach this measurement.
  4. Using a bullet tip marker pen, remove ink stub from the nib of the marker with a set of pointy-nose pliers. Holding the nib with the pliers, mark out holes from chassis seat support on to each side of the seat.
  5. Remove the seat from the go kart and use your battery drill, with an 8.5mm drill bit,  to drill through the newly marked holes into the seat (both sides). 
  6. Place the seat back into the go kart and secure it in place with the heavy item used in step 1.
  7. Using your black wedge spacers, close the gap between chassis' seat support and and the outside surface of seat.  
  8. Use the appropriate hardware for your specific model of go kart, secure the seat to the kart using a 13mm socket in a ratchet and 5mm Allen key or T-Bar. 
  9. Continue steps 7 and 8 on the second side. 
  10. Remove the steel pipes supporting the kart and let the kart sit directly on the trolley.
  11. Using the appropriately sized black spacer, close the gap between the seat and the chassis seat support on the underside of the kart.
  12. Drill the bottom holes in seat with an 8.5mm drill bit, using the the spaces as your drill guide.
  13. Complete steps 11 and 12 for both sides of the lower seat support.
  14. Using the appropriate hardware for your go kart, secure the seat the the chassis with a 13mm socket in a ratchet and 5mm Allen key or T-Bar. 

You have now successfully installed your new OTK Racing seat!

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section of this page, or to contact us directly click here. To purchase any of the items mentioned in this post, follow link.

Happy Racing!

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  • Don Smith

    Hi Des
    Before I called you this afternoon I also sent an email inquiry to Fast Adjusters. They’ve come back and said for the 4SS chassis I need the version 3 ones which are still in development. On another topic do you sell the Tony Kart seat fitting jig you featured in one of your videos?
    Regards Don

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