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The exciting new product of 2021 is here!  

What are Fast Adjusters?

Founded by V8 Supercar driver James Golding, the Fast Adjusters are a go kart seat adjustment system that allows you to find the ultimate seat position for any kart, driver and track combination. 

The Fast Adjusters allow you to tune where the weight is balanced on the kart whether its forwards, centred or backwards.  The system has 60mm of longitudinal  adjustment in 10mm increments.

The build quality of the Fast Adjuster system is excellent with its high grade aluminium brackets, stainless steel side plates and zinc plated hardware.  With six different versions of the Fast Adjusters system that fit every kart on the market.  

We currently stock the most popular Junior & Senior V2.0 model which is specifically designed to suit all OTK chassis types from 2019 onwards as seen in our YouTube video.

If you would like to see how the Fast Adjusters in action, check out…..

FAST ADJUSTERS: The Easiest Way To Adjust Your Go Kart Seat 

Each Fast Adjuster package includes;

  • 2 x V2.0 adjusters 
  • 2 x Adjusting side plates
  • All bolts, nuts, washers and accessories for required Fast Adjuster kit fitment.

If you aren’t using led ballast to get your weight distribution perfect then the Fast Adjusters system will be super beneficial.

It’s one of the hottest products on the karting market in 2021, don’t miss out as these are selling hot & dominating worldwide.

Get you Fast Adjusters system today, visit their website here.  


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